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Designed for everyday comfort, our Everyday Slipon Shawl is made for easy mornings and casual commutes - now available in prints and patterns. Whether its worn for grocery runs, morning workouts and even evening wind downs, Everyday is meant to be your ultimate travel companion especially on hectic days.


Simply throw it on for an effortless look with Everyday slipon shawl. Crafted out of premium Korean jersey fabric sourced directly from the suburbs of Korea, it is ironless, smooth-to-touch and also cooling to be worn. The instant shawl is finished with improved baby seams along its borders and a signature embroidery detail at its end. You can even leave out your pins and brooches for this drapey look. Explore this breezy essential for your everyday wear in neutral shades and easy-to-match colours.

Everyday Retro SlipOn Shawl in Vintage Dove

  • Face opening: 26cm

    Front length: 82cm

    Back drape: 85cm

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