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Designed specially for little ones to embrace their spirituality. For the ease of wearing, the kids prayerwear has an elastic at the head area to pull back instead of tying. The prayerwear comes with floral details on the top and lace embellishments at the edge of the prayerwear and mini prayermat.


For comfort purposes, the chin cover is made out of a separate jersey fabric to cover just right and front gutters to fit most face areas. Simply fold the prayerwear snugly to fit into its matching drawstring pouch.

Raisa Kids Crinkle Prayerwear in Botanical

  • Size S (1-3 years old)

    Top: 170cm (front), 80cm (back)
    Bottom: 70cm (length), 20cm (waist)

    Size M (4-6 years old)

    Top: 80cm (front), 90cm (back)
    Bottom: 85cm (length), 23cm (waist)

    Size L (7-10 years old)

    Top: 90cm (front), 115cm (back)
    Bottom: 90cm (length), 25cm (waist)

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