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Bless the mess

Comfortable to be worn with a buttery soft texture, Ema&Rae bibs are perfect for the modern baby. Features a wide surface area with plenty of coverage across the baby’s chest and the adjustable neck band has four built-in latches that are easy to secure to a snug fit. The deep front pocket is ideal for catching food, minimising mess in the surrounding area.

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Soft cuddly companion

Luxurious softness crafted out of lightweight and breathable bamboo muslin fabric, perfect for swaddling your delicate adorable little ones. Versatile and easy to use, Ema&Rae deluxe swaddle blankets serves as an every day essential for babies. Softens overtime with every wash. 

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Mealtime essential

A mealtime essential for every family, Ema&Rae cutlery collection serves to lessen the mess made by your little ones by preventing it from tipping over. Crafted out of quality soft and elastic silicone material which is free of harmful chemicals. The cutlery set can be easily rinsed under water and are also disherwasher and microsave safe.


Soothe the itchy gums

Ema&Rae teether set features a silicone teether and a detachable silicone-beaded wooden pacifier clip. An ideal alternative to biting fingers, this chemical-free chewy teether helps soothe the gums of your little ones during the teething process. Clip this adorable and stylish teether onto your baby’s clothes to avoid dropping it into anything yucky.


Warm sleeptime companion

Delicate and gentle to the skin, Ema&Rae deluxe fleece blanket keeps your little one warm and cozy at any time of the day. It is crafted out of a soft, velvety fleece fabric which is lightweight and thin, ideal for travelling. A perfect companion for nap time, playtime and anytime.

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